Requesting an Event through the IMF

Step 1) Vetting of Content and Contributors:

  • No less than 120 days prior to the event, an external presenter’s bio and their CV must be submitted to the Rector.  If the Rector provisionally approves the speaker and content, the Rector submits the topic, bio, and CV to the Archabbot.  Once approved by the Archabbot, the speaker and event information is sent by the Seminary’s PR office to the Diocese of Greensburg for approval.  No communications or marketing will be started until the speaker is approved.

Step 2) Individualized marketing, communications, and/or event plan

  • Once approved, the contributor will consult with the Director of Development and the IMF Coordinator to determine the scope of the promotional efforts, establish a budget, and timeline for promotional activities and follow-up.
  • The IMF Coordinator will schedule and arrange for promotional efforts (traditional and social/multi-media), and resource the technical arrangements necessary to actualize registration, sales, surveys, schoology pages, email correspondences, and the like.

Step 3) Event items

  • No less than 60 days prior to the event.  The contributor will complete a checklist outlining details of the event such as a/v needs, name tags, food service, invitations, mailing/emailing lists, registration fees, printed takeaway and electronic materials, schoology access, etc.
  • The IMF Coordinator will work directly with the contributor from the checklist and manage the process in consultation with the Director of Public Relations and Director of Development.

Step 4) Post event follow-up

  • Collecting demographic information from all participants is vital to continued interaction with our guests and participants.  The contributor will receive a packet to be collected from participants.  The packet includes a contact information sheet, survey form/online survey instruction form, login information for content access, and testimonial page.
  • Completed packets, or corresponding electronic versions of the packet, will be returned or submitted to the IMF Coordinator for use on the IMF webpage, data collection and entry, analysis, and historical record keeping.

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