Catechetics Conference 2022 – Mary Ann Boyarski

Mary Ann Boyarski on Catechesis, Community, and Culture

At the Institute for Ministry Formation Catechetics Conference 2022, Mary Ann Boyarski addressed the 2020 Directory for Catechesis on Catechesis, Community, and Culture.

Mary Ann Boyarski, Ed.D. is a wife of 52 years, mother of 4, grandmother of 9 and step-grandmother of 3.

Mary Ann holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Biology from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, a MSEd in Educational Psychology from Queens College of the City University of New York and an EdD in Adult Education from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Mary Ann has been a member of St. Theresa parish for 43 years and has served as catechist for high school religious education and the RCIA, as well as a member of the Baptism preparation team, the Adult Education Committee and an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion.

Mary Ann began her service to the Diocese of Harrisburg in 1989 as Program Director for Trinity Spiritual Center and in 1990 also as Director of West Shore Resource Center. In 1991, Mary Ann was named Diocesan Director of Adult Religious Education. Continuing her service as Director of Adult Religious Education, in 1995, Mary Ann was named Diocesan Director of the Ongoing Formation of Priests. She also served as a member of various diocesan committees and a board member and Vice President of the National Organization for the Continuing Education of Roman Catholic Clergy. Mary Ann retired from the diocesan staff in 2012.

For the past 22 years Mary Ann has served as an adjunct lecturer teaching a course titled “Catechetics” at St. Vincent Seminary, Latrobe, PA.

You can watch Mary Ann’s complete talk as well as the other talks from the IMF Conference on Catechesis 2022 by clicking on the link below.

About the Conference

The Institute for Ministry Formation hosted an online Conference featuring the 2020 Directory for Catechesis.  Experts from across the nation participated in 16 talks on understanding and implementing various aspects of the Directory for Catechesis.  The teaching from these experts is outstanding and you can access the full videos for your ongoing study on Catechetics.  You can survey the full content of the conference through the IMF Mighty Network by clicking here.