Catechetics Conference 2022 – Trinka Hamel

Trinka Hamel on Catechesis for Persons with Disabilities

At the Institute for Ministry Formation Catechetics Conference 2022, Trinka Hamel addressed the 2020 Directory for Catechesis on Catechesis for Persons with Disabilities. 

Trinka Hamel is a long-time catechist who considers children and families to be among her greatest teachers.  She has collaborated with communities to develop Catechesis of the Good Shepherd programs and helps lead formation courses in the Pacific Northwest.  For many years Trinka learned about removing barriers for children of various abilities to flourish in the school setting as a speech pathologist.  She is deeply grateful for the many ways parish communities learn to welcome all children into catechetical experiences, where their lives of faith are both nourished and received as gifts within the Body of Christ.

You can watch Trinka’s complete talk as well as the other talks from the IMF Conference on Catechesis 2022 by clicking on the link below.

About the Conference

The Institute for Ministry Formation hosted an online Conference featuring the 2020 Directory for Catechesis.  Experts from across the nation participated in 16 talks on understanding and implementing various aspects of the Directory for Catechesis.  The teaching from these experts is outstanding and you can access the full videos for your ongoing study on Catechetics.  You can survey the full content of the conference through the IMF Mighty Network by clicking here.