Fundamental Theology (IMTH-700)

This course is available to anyone. It is conducted online through a combination of interactive online video conferenced meetings in the evening, reading assignments, and asynchronous online discussions through the Schoology educational software platform.

It is 2 credits and will follow the Saint Vincent academic calendar.

Registration deadline: Aug 14, 2023

Registration will be limited to 15 students per course.

Taught by Fr. Ed Mazich, O.S.B.

Time: 7-9 p.m. Tuesdays

This course is a study of the character, methodology, and significance of theological knowledge, specifically of Christian revelation.  The first part of the course treats revelation, understood as the fundamental concept of theology—the “science of faith”, as well as the transmission of revelation in the life of the Church.  The second part of the course focuses on the attempt of Fundamental theology to demonstrate how Christian revelation is credible theologically, historically, and anthropologically, for the modern man and woman.  The course will analyze man’s openness to revelation; the relationship between faith and reason; Christology as the foundation of fundamental theology; and the place and the credibility of the Church in handing on revelation.

Note: All are welcome to take it for credit or to audit.

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