IMCA-780:  Introduction to Liturgical and Kerygmatic Catechesis

IMCA-780:  Introduction to Liturgical and Kerygmatic Catechesis (2 credits – Required only for Track 2)

This course explores the main message of Jesus — the Kingdom God – what is it, how do we live in it, how do we celebrate it. It also highlights Christian Initiation as the model of all catechesis, liturgical catechesis par excellence

Part 1 of the course delves into Parables of the Kingdom of God which give us clues about the characteristics of the Kingdom, examples of how to live in the Kingdom, and our response to the invitation to live in the Kingdom thru the Parousia.

Part 2 explores Sign Language of the Liturgy, lifting up the signs, colors, gestures, prayers and sacramental elements of our liturgy and pondering their meaning.


Course topics include:

  • Exploring the general developmental characteristics and the most vital religious needs of children 
  • Meditating on the Biblical Parables of Jesus through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd method.
  • Exploring the liturgical method of signs as we encounter it in the Holy Mass.  Like the parable method found in scripture, the method of signs best conveys a truth that is too great for words.
  • Methods of scriptural reflection on the Mystery of the Kingdom of God, the Mystery of Jesus and of His relationship with us, as well as our relationship with others.