IMSD-698: Practicum in Spiritual Direction II

IMSD698 – Practicum in Spiritual Direction II – 1 credit

This practicum enables students to grow in their practice of the art of spiritual direction under the supervision of a mentor.  Building on lessons learned in IMSD 697, the student will meet with additional spiritual directees to expand their experience of offering spiritual direction.  The mentor will meet regularly with students, one on one, to shape their practice of spiritual direction.  The practicum also helps students to grow in self-awareness, sensitivity, compassion, and understanding, while being challenged to reflect on their faith understanding, theology, and experiences in relation to those to whom they minister.  Evaluation will consist of verbatims, oral examination and written reflections at the discretion of the mentor.  A learning agreement which articulates the goals and scope of the practicum is developed among the student, the supervisor, and the Director of the Spiritual Direction program.

The student will be expected to meet with at least 2 directees every two weeks and with a mentor at least once per month. The student is responsible for recruiting directees and the mentor will be assigned by the Director of the Spiritual Direction Certificate Program.

Prerequisites:  IMSD 697