IMTH-782: Benedictine Spirituality

IMTH 782: Benedictine Spirituality

2 credits

The course Benedictine Spirituality is designed to introduce people to the life and teachings of St Benedict of Norcia (480 – 547), Patriarch of Western Monastics, and Patron of Europe. St Benedict is well-known for his Rule, in which he carefully integrates prayer, manual labor, and study into a well-rounded daily routine.

His Rule for Monasteries is steeped in Sacred Scripture and is presented as a small guide for beginners. This course shows the Rule of St Benedict as a handbook whose teachings can be readily applied to twenty-first century Christians willing to live their Christian lives in a parish, school, hospital community, or any other community, which for them would be a school of the Lord’s Service’. The ultimate aim is holiness and beholding the face of God.