Principles of Prayer and Catholic Spirituality (IMCA-600)

This course is available to anyone. It will be taught with spiritual direction students specifically in mind and make up a part of the Spiritual Direction program. See the program description for more details.

It is conducted online through a combination of interactive online video conferenced meetings in the evening, reading assignments, and asynchronous online discussions and videos through the Schoology educational software platform.

It is 3 credits and will follow the Saint Vincent academic calendar.

Registration deadline: Aug 15, 2024.

Registration will be limited to 25 students per course.

IMSD600 – Principles of Prayer and Catholic Spirituality

Taught by: TBD.
Time: Thursday evenings 6:30-7:45pm ET (interactive video conference on Zoom) and one pre-recorded lecture each week.

Topics include:

  • Stages of spiritual development – purgative, illuminative and unitive
  • Development in prayer – vocal prayer, meditation, contemplation
  • Personal relationship with three Persons of Trinity
  • Identifying misdirections in prayer and false mysticism

Note: this is a required course for the Spiritual Direction program, but all are welcome to take it for credit or to audit.

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