Sacramental Theology and Ecclesiology for Spiritual Directors (IMSD-650)

Course Number: IMSD-650-01

Course Title: Sacramental Theology and Ecclesiology for Spiritual Directors

Taught by Dr. Helene Paharik

Number of Credits: 2

Course Date: Wednesdays 6:30pm to 7:45pm ET
Jan 18, 2023 to May 3, 2023

Course Description: This course explores the nature of the Church from the sacramental, missional, and spiritual perspectives. Students will appropriate the doctrinal heritage of the Roman Catholic Church by developing a particular familiarity with Parts I and II of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The documents of the Second Vatican Council as well as the writings of recent pontiffs will provide a theological framework for fostering communion and mission in the Church through a full and active participation in her sacramental life. Topics include The Trinitarian Origin and Destiny of the Church, The Scriptural Foundation of the Church, Belief in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, The Church as the Sacrament of the Divine Mission, Roles within the Mystical Body of Christ, Living the Sacramental Life, and the Church as Mother and Bride.  This course will equip spiritual directors to help their directees grow in the Christian life through believing, celebrating and living the paschal mystery of Christ in the sacraments of the Church.

This course will consist of a weekly online interactive lecture by video conference correlated with assigned readings. Students will be expected to make weekly discussion posts and respond to posts in addition to assessment by two exams and a short paper.

The course can be taken for credit towards a future degree or audited for personal enrichment.

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