SD1: The Art of Accompaniment – Wichita, KS (scheduled for August 5-9, 2024)


The participants will learn the foundational dynamics of spiritual direction through reading, lectures, and discussions. SD 1 will serve as a foundation for those who wish to continue learning the practice of spiritual direction. It is also a stand-alone course for those who wish to learn the “art of accompaniment”.

Summer 2024

The course consists of five and a half hours of instruction per day for five days.  Space is limited! Reserve early!

Daily Class Schedule for Spiritual Direction 1: The Art of Accompaniment –Monday August 5, 2024 to Friday August 9, 2024

Monday August 5 to Thursday August 8

Session 1: 9am-11:30am CDT
Session 2: 1:30pm-4:30pm CDT (with a break)

Friday May 24
Session 1: 9am-12:30pm CDT

This is an intensive course and will require the student’s total dedication.  Evenings will be needed for homework and reading.  Evenings on Wednesday and Thursday will be used for an hour of spiritual direction practice.  Scheduling that hour is flexible and up to the practice pairings to work out.  A Eucharistic holy hour is also provided for prayerful integration.

Tuition and Fees Billed After Registration:

$50 – Application Fee (for-credit—on-line/on campus—non-refundable):

$335 – Level 1 Tuition per credit

$670 – Level 2 Tuition per credit:

$150 – Sundry Fees (per semester, less than 9 credits)

Room and Board at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita – click on links for pricing.

This course is available for in-person participation only will be hosted at the Spiritual Life Center (SLC) in Wichita, Kansas.  Registration for this course must be done through the SLC website.

To register for SD1 in Wichita as a standalone course (you plan to take this course only, and no additional IMF courses) please use this link:

To register for SD1 in Wichita as part of the Spiritual Direction program (you plan to continue taking IMF courses) please use this link:

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