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RCIA Sponsors Formation

This RCIA Sponsor Formation Space In this study group we go through the role of RCIA sponsors, cover aspects of discipleship for candidates and catechumens, learn skills for accompaniment and learn how to use the Spiritual Inventory for guiding accompaniment.

This RCIA Sponsor Formation Space in our IMF Mighty Network provides videos that guide RCIA sponsors through formation in the art of accompaniment.  The recorded teaching provided by Fr. Boniface Hicks, OSB explains

  • the role of an RCIA sponsor including the Church’s expectations for this important responsibility
  • the way of the heart regarding the interiority of candidates and catechumens
  • the transformational listening the sponsor should practice with his or her candidate or catechumen
  • a grid for growth and an automated assessment for tracking that growth in the catechumen and candidate
  • some practical tips, materials, and resources for forming the candidate or catechumen in prayer, community life and mission.

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