Frequently Asked Questions for the Saint Vincent Seminary Institute for Ministry Formation Spiritual Direction Program

Q: what is the total cost of the program for a non-academic (Level I) letter of program completion?

18 credits x $325 = $5850

$250 room and board x 2 = $500

One-time Fees: $200

Fees per semester: $87 x 5 = $435

Total: $6985


Q: what is the total cost for an academic graduate certificate (Level II) in Spiritual Direction?

18 credits x $650 = $11,750

$250 room and board x 2 = $500

One-time Fees: $200

Fees per semester: $87 x 5 = $435

Total: $12,835


Q: What is the difference between Level I and Level II participation?

The course content is the same for both levels of participation.  The difference is in the expectations on the students.  Level I students are expected to learn the material by doing the assigned readings and participating in lectures and discussion posts, but they do not need to complete the more rigorous academic requirements of exams and research papers.  They also need no pre-requisite academic degrees to enter the program and their cost per credit is cheaper.  At the end of the program they will receive a letter of program completion that could be shown to a pastor or bishop to demonstrate that they have the Institute’s official approval that they are ready to offer spiritual direction.

Level II students must have a bachelor’s degree or higher and they must complete graduate-level course work in each course and receive a passing letter grade (C or higher).  The cost per credit reflects the costs required throughout our Saint Vincent educational institution for receiving an official academic credential.  The official academic certificate they receive will serve as an academic credential for use at other educational institutions and will also serve the purpose of the letter of program completion for demonstrating readiness to a bishop or pastor for offering spiritual direction.

Q: Is the entire program online?  Is any part of it residential?

The program is mostly online with the exception of two 5-day summer courses.  The IMSD601 and IMSD602 courses, usually scheduled in the months of May and June, are residential courses taught at Saint Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, PA.  The residential portion gives the program directors an opportunity to meet students and spend some personal time with them including one-on-one meetings and prayer time during the 5 days in Latrobe.

Q: For the online portion do you all take into account and adjust for people who can participate during the early evening, after work?

Yes! All of the online courses are scheduled in the evening hours Monday to Thursday starting no earlier than 6:30pm Eastern Time.

Q: When does Level 1 usually start?

The courses are offered during three periods:

1) fall semester (usually the last week of August through the first week of December),

2) spring semester (usually the second week of January to the first week of May) and

3) summer (starting mid-May)

The program can start during any of these periods with no problems.