Children’s Atria

As the IMF promotes Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, we want to make sure that we have practitioners “in the field,” in the same way that some of us actively lead Spiritual Direction and Parish Formation for adults. Two of our staff members are Catechists at the Atria located close by at St John the Evangelist Parish, Latrobe.

We share with you photographs of the 4 Atria and invite you to read more about each level in a series of CGS-Connection articles. Additionally, CGS-USA has a tool for locating an Atrium in your locale. Click here. It is not too soon to prepare for Fall 2023’s catechetical year!


Toddler Atrium – 1 and 2 year olds

Level 1 – 3-6 year olds



At the time of this idyllic photo, there were 7 other children also in the atrium! Together there were four 3-year-olds, four 4-year-olds, two 5-year-olds and one new 6-year-old.

For a few minutes both adults were completely unnecessary!

The children were independently:
1)    Color labeling a map of Israel
2)    Preparing hot water for the dishwashing station
3)    Working with the Cenacle
4)    Copying an infancy narrative
5)    Setting a model altar
6)    Cutting on the line
7)    Watering a plant
8)    Pouring through a funnel
9)    Making a clay city of Jerusalem
10)  Investigating religious medals though a magnifying glass
11)   Gazing outside at the unseasonably sunny, warm day


 Level 2 – 6-9 year olds

 Level 3 – 9-12 year olds