Dr. Michel Therrien

Moral Theology for Spiritual Directors (IMSD-660-01)

Spiritual directors are called to help Christians grow in holiness.  This includes an aspect of catechesis as described by the Catechism of the Catholic Church in CCC 1697: “Catechesis has to reveal in all clarity the joy and the demands of the way of Christ. Catechesis for the ‘newness of life’ in him should be: a catechesis of the Holy Spirit, … a catechesis of grace, … a catechesis of the beatitudes, … a catechesis of sin and forgiveness, … a catechesis of the human virtues, … a catechesis of the Christian virtues of faith, hope, and charity, … a catechesis of the twofold commandment of charity, … an ecclesial catechesis.”  In this course, students will learn principles and applications of moral theology, with a special focus on the teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church Part III, that will assist them as spiritual directors to help their directees grow in the Christian life.

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Theology of the Body (IMTH-750)

This course is a study of the character, methodology, and significance of theological knowledge, specifically of Christian revelation.  The first part of the course treats revelation, understood as the fundamental concept of theology—the “science of faith”, as well as the transmission of revelation in the life of the Church.  The second part of the course focuses on the attempt of Fundamental theology to demonstrate how Christian revelation is credible theologically, historically, and anthropologically, for the modern man and woman.  The course will analyze man’s openness to revelation; the relationship between faith and reason; Christology as the foundation of fundamental theology; and the place and the credibility of the Church in handing on revelation.

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Catholic Social Doctrine (IMTH-720-01)

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the principal teachings of the Church’s social doctrine. This will be accomplished primarily by diving directly into some of the most important encyclicals of recent popes. As part of this survey, students will be introduced to the historical and cultural developments that have given rise to the Church’s ongoing prophetic mission to proclaim the Gospel to the nations of the world. As a primary objective, the course will aim to provide students with a deeper appreciation for the Church’s relationship to the world and her presence in the world as God’s Kingdom on earth. The course can be taken for credit towards a future degree or audited for personal enrichment.

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