John J. Hans

STEP4ward Director

John J. Hans, is founder of Strategy to Executive Partners, a firm aimed at helping churches and non-profit entities set strategies and effectively deploy them. Through the Saint Vincent Seminary Institute for Ministry Formation, he is offering a five-step program which focuses on assisting parishes re-establish or recreate vibrant, engaged communities, with a parish life that is built around a prayerful, sacramental and spiritual agenda that enables community while also allowing each member to grow in his or her relationship with God.

Hans has developed a five-step cycle for success. It includes development of an agenda that suits the parish needs, developing partnerships between the pastoral leadership and the laity, developing strategies to help those partnerships grow, communicating those strategies through evangelization, and measuring the success of those strategies.

The end result, he notes, is a spiritually-enriched community of enthusiastic people focused on living their lives around their faith and the sacraments while building friendships and a network of people who have the same goals.