The Marian Minute – Our Lady of la Breche

Near the city of Chartres, France every year a procession takes place in thanksgiving to our Lady for having delivered the city from total destruction while it was besieged by heretics during a religious war in the year 1568.

During this siege, the statue of our Lady upon the Drouaise Gate was untouched despite cannon balls and musket balls fired in her direction by the enemy.  The image of our Lady remained unscathed while marks of the cannon and musket balls could be seen two or three inches away from her.  God’s “I shall place enmity between thee and the Woman.  She shall crush thy head…” is indeed verified at the shrine of la Breche.
The current Chapel of Our Lady of la Breche was build in 1599 and houses the sacred statue of Notre Dame de la Breche.  It is a place of pilgrimage especially for those seeking intercession for the safety of men and women in the military.

Our Lady of la Breche, pray for us.