How much does the Online Triduum Retreat Cost?

The retreat is completely free!


How will I participate in the Liturgy of the Hours (aka Divine Office)?

All Offices of the Liturgy of the Hours will be prayed via Zoom. You will receive a daily e-mail with all the links for the day. Since speaking together on a live-stream tends to be delayed, everyone will be muted during the Office except the Hebdomadarian (prayer leader) and those assisting at the Divine Office. We encourage everyone who registers to watch this video on the Divine Office before the retreat begins.


What if I don’t have a Breviary (with the text of the Liturgy of the Hours)?

Not to worry! You have 3 options!

  1. We will use the “share screen” option on Zoom to pray the Office (you don’t have to do anything!).

  2. In your daily e-mail where you will receive an attachment containing the Offices of that day in case you would like to print out a hard copy.

  3. You can download the free app “iBreviary” and pray from your tablet or phone.


How will I participate in the daily Conferences?

All of the conferences will take place via Zoom. You will receive a daily e-mail with the links for the day. Each presenter will let the audience know if they can take questions & answers. Due to the nature of online conferences, questions will be taken via the Zoom chat box where you can simply type in your question(s).


How will I participate in the various solemn Liturgies of Holy Week?

Many Cathedrals and local parishes will be livestreaming the Easter Services from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday. For convenience and personal preference, you are encouraged to watch the services of your local Bishop in the Cathedral, or a preferred parish that you may belong to.  In the Diocese of Pittsburgh, for example, you can find the liturgy schedule here.  In the Diocese of Greensburg, they are livestreaming here.


How will the festive dinner and grace sharing work?

This one is tricky. We are probably biting off more we can chew, but it will be worth the effort! The meal will take place via Zoom. You will receive a daily e-mail with the link for the community meal.

You will (obviously) prepare your own food! At the appointed time, click the link to join the meeting. Everyone will be muted for the meal. We will begin with a short table reading of the Gospel for Easter. After that, the leader will ask each person one by one if they have a grace they would like to share from their retreat. Because we don’t know how many people there will be, we ask that you prepare 1-5 sentences to read aloud when your turn comes. Please have this prepared ahead of time so that when given the opportunity, you can share your grace in a reasonable amount of time.


What materials should I have with me?

We recommend having your Bible at hand for the various conferences. We also encourage you to have a journal or notebook to take notes in during the conferences, testimonies, and times of prayer. Other than that you don’t need anything except yourself and an open heart!