Please note that the full schedule is still being finalized and subject to change.

Good Friday


– Liturgy of the Hours – Office of Readings & Morning Prayer

– Good Friday Teaching – Fasting in the Tradition of the Church (Fr. Tom Hart, O.S.B.)

– Personal Testimony



– Good Friday Teaching – The Cross, Suffering, & Love (Fr. Tom Acklin, O.S.B.)

– Personal Testimony



– We encourage you to participate in Good Friday Devotions to enrich the sacredness of this day:

     o Reflections on the 7 Last Words of Jesus (video here)

    o Watch the Passion of the Christ film by Mel Gibson (available with Amazon Prime Video account or on DVD)

    o Pray Lectio Divina with the Passion Narratives

    o Rosary

    o Divine Mercy Chaplet

    o Stations of the Cross (video here)



– Livestreamed Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion*



– Good Friday Teaching – Our Weakness & His Divine Mercy

– Personal Testimony


Dinner Time

– We invite you to participate in a silent, simple meal on this most solemn day. There is a video here of

Monastic Table Reading which you can begin at the start of your meal. It may conclude earlier, at

which time you are invited to finish your meal in a spirit of sacred silence.



– Good Friday Teaching – Christ Entombed & the Empty Tabernacle (Fr. Adam Potter)

– Personal Testimony



– Liturgy of the Hours: Night Prayer