Parish Revitalization

Parish Revitalization

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May they all be One!

You have probably heard that every baptized Catholic is responsible for the mission of the Church, and that each of us has a role to help bring about the Kingdom of God.  That is easy to say but can be difficult to do.  In our church today it is clear that we must work together as missionaries in rebuilding our parishes and communities.  As leaders in our faith the Parish Revitalization Playbook is a platform to help parishes take a step forward in building vibrant community through a logical, prayerful, and thoughtful approach to transformation.

Parish Revitalization Playbook Overview:

The Parish Revitalization process is about taking an important step forward at this time in the Church’s evolution to re-establish or recreate vibrant, engaged communities.  Parish life is built around a prayerful, sacramental, and spiritual agenda that enables community to come together while allowing each member to grow in their personal relationship with our Lord.  The playbook is a logical process that allows pastors and lay leaders to create a structured path to this realization.

Vision for Parish Revitalization:

The vision of the STEP4ward program is to enable parishes through the Faithful to live and participate in an active community built on the sacraments and ministries of the church through collaboration.  Together we can build a force of positive change across the community with the assistance of the Holy Spirit.  This community carries on the mission of Jesus Christ of Loving God and our neighbors through our example.

How do we move forward?

Leaders and teams interested in this process can use the Revitalization Cycle as a framework to continuously assist them on this journey.  It’s a toolkit to assist Parish Leaders in building a team of disciples who chart the course and then recruit others to join the mission.  It is rooted in prayer and the sacraments but focuses on taking action in building our Church one person at a time.

What is the Revitalization Cycle?

The Parish Revitalization Cycle is outlined in this graphic and involves 5 key steps and requires leading this work in a highly collaborative and inspiring way with the leadership team of the parish.

What Does the End State look like when deployed effectively?

A spiritually enriched community of enthusiastic people all focused on living their lives around our faith and the sacraments while building friendships and a network of people focused on the same agenda.  It is manifested in a vibrant growing church that has dozens of active ministries forming people sacramentally, devotionally, and spiritually.  It is financially sustainable and builds a foundation for the next generations of faithful.

Click here for a one-page handout.