IMSD 601 – Spiritual Direction 1: Art Of Accompaniment

IMSD 601 - Spiritual Direction 1: Art Of Accompaniment

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The participants will learn the foundational dynamics of spiritual direction through reading, lectures, and discussions. SD 1 will serve as a foundation for those who wish to continue learning the practice of spiritual direction. It is also a stand-alone course for those who wish to learn the “art of accompaniment”.

The course consists of five hours of instruction per day for five days.  Space is limited! Reserve early! Daily Mass, Eucharistic adoration, Sacramental Confession and prayer are included in the program and available to any who are interested. The programs also offer time for walks, silence, and reflection to best integrate the teaching offered during the courses. Saint Vincent Archabbey is a peaceful environment that naturally fosters reflection and contemplation.


Daily Online Schedule for Spiritual Direction 1: The Art of Accompaniment

Monday May 18 to Friday May 22

Monday May 18 through Thursday May 21

Session 1: 11am-12pm EDT

Session 2: 1:30pm-4:30pm EDT (with a break)

Session 3: 6:30pm-7:30pm EDT

Friday May 22

Session 1: 10:30-1pm EDT

*Individual meetings with Fr. Boniface Hicks and/or Fr. Tom Acklin will be possible in the morning before Session 1 or in the evening after Session 3.  Sign-ups will be forthcoming.